About Us


We were founded by network specialists who wanted to work on a faster, more efficient way to move information. People who knew they could do more to connect people, businesses and industries together than what was being done through copper. So we created Kore-Tek, an optical networking company, to offer the best possible optical network architecture, integration, engineering, and managed services.

Because we work exclusively with optical networks, we’re able to provide a quality of engineering field expertise that’s unmatched in the industry and we know how to fulfill the most demanding and complex projects, so they go off without a hitch.



We exist to make sure everyone can share knowledge, make connections and do business at the speed of light.


At Kore-Tek, we believe that optical networks are the most important vehicle for sharing information the world has ever known. Every optical connection we make is a way of turning our world into a smaller, more intimately connected place. And making sure every person, organization and business can utilize the amazing possibilities of those connections is what drives our work and informs the values we live by every day. 

Be Proactive

We don’t build for today. We make sure every network is ready for tomorrow. 

Do the Right Thing

Even if it takes longer or is harder to do, we do the right thing. Because we believe that everything we do should be beyond reproach and reflect well on us and our employees. 

Keep It Simple

We streamline every installation and every component to make sure it’s as simple as possible to use and maintain, so it works. Period. 

Document Everything

Networks are always evolving. That’s why we document everything we do, down to the connector. So when it comes time to upgrade or change something, everything is right there and ready to go.




Jeremy Humphrey

Chief Technical Officer

Jeremy Humphrey is Chief Technical Officer at Kore-Tek. In this role, he leads the engineering, data center, and remote support teams. A founding partner of Kore-Tek, he has a rare combination of field-engineering, network architecture and project management experience in the optical networking space. With more than a decade of experience in the engineering and deployment of optical networks, he’s respected by employees and peers alike for his ability to quickly transition from presenting in a boardroom to rolling up his shirt sleeves in the data center.


Ryan Young


Ryan Young is the CEO of Kore-Tek. As CEO, Ryan is responsible for helping companies, cities and government organizations across the country as they look toward the future and seek out faster, more efficient ways to connect and communicate. As a founding partner, Ryan is responsible for business strategy, sales and marketing and future business development. He has worked in the networking space for nearly two decades. A sought after speaker, Ryan has given talks at Cisco Live, the Cisco Partner Conference and more. In addition to founding Kore-Tek, Ryan is also a founding partner of Atlantic IT Group and helped fund Defigo Systems, purchased Proteus Networks and founded and then sold TorreyPoint.


Steve Fazio

Chief Strategy Officer

Steve Fazio is the Chief Strategy Officer of Kore-Tek. As CSO, Steve puts his extensive experience in developing channels and building global IT partnerships to work. As a founding partner, Steve brings more than 20 years of IT experience to the Kore-Tek business. Starting in 1997 with the founding of Exenet—where he raised $25MM in VC funding—Steve has launched, operated and sold companies in IT services, software and security and is currently a partner at Kore-Tek and Atlantic IT Group. In addition to his role at Kore-Tek, he lends his experience in finance, mergers and acquisition, to top technology manufacturers as a member of their advisory boards.