About Us


KORE-TEK advanced optical engineers help service provider, enterprise and state/local government companies address complex network implementation projects with optical fiber solutions that ensure performance and customer expectations of project timing and budgets are succeeded or improved.



Our focus is directed exclusively in optical network architecture, integration, engineering, and support services, so KORE-TEK is able to provide the most advanced and focused optical networking field expertise in the industry and fulfill the EFI&T requirements of the most demanding and complex initiatives.




Founders, Friends and Technology Fanatics


Jeremy Humphrey


As CTO and KORE-TEK’s Optical Engineer Pro, Humphrey gets closest to our customers and their networks. Out in the field, he builds relationships as well as networks. In the office, he oversees all the engineers and their projects. Humphrey was a founder of ClearLight — a fiber optics engineering outfit, and recognized his organization needed the strength, expertise and support of industry leaders and partnered up with Young and Fazio to found KORE-TEK. His passion is fiber optics and he’s been working on it day in and day out for seven years.

Ryan Young


As CEO, Young is responsible for the success of KORE-TEK and it’s team members. With his eyes on the day-to-day business operations and business development, he ensures KORE-TEK lives up to it’s mission. On his own and along with Fazio, Young has also pursued his entrepreneurial spirit and has created many companies and jobs within the technology industry by recruiting the best and brightest talent and creating an exciting work environment.

Steve Fazio


As Managing Partner, Fazio works closely with Young and Humphrey to monitor best practices, finances, transactions and management. Fazio is a technology maverick that has started, merged, and acquired many start-up technology companies to better serve his customers. He sits on the advisory board of top technology manufactures and runs KORE-TEK. He understands the importance of optical fiber and the success achieved when companies reengage with this layer.

Our Values


(1) Hard Work

We work hard to stay on budget, on time and exceed expectations. We value our work and our word and focus on quality over quantity and achieving success in partnership.

(2) Commitment

We’re committed to connecting with each other, our customers and our communities by taking the time to get to know each other, answer questions, brainstorm a solution or catch a game. We value people before profit.

(3) Dedication

Experience makes all the difference. We are dedicated and focused on fiber optics for it’s performance and potential and continue to advance our customers and communities with the best experienced-based solutions.