Optical Assessment

Site Survey, Data Gathering, DWDM Audit, and Fiber Characterization


Kore-Tek Optical Assessment services gather the necessary data from your existing optical infrastructure by collecting and analyzing data for remediation of current infrastructure or confirming data to prepare your network for a "Future-State" optical infrastructure.

An optical assessment can help to reduce current operational risks while minimizing "guesswork" and control unexpected costs associated with future upgrades in architecture, hardware, services, and operating costs.


  • Site-Survey
  • Network Infrastructure Data Models
  • Fiber Characterization
  • DWDM Fiber Audit
  • Documentation

Site Survey Workbook

  • Site basics
  • Rack schematics
  • Shelf/Chassis/Module overview
  • Power details
  • Ethernet and Fiber assignments
  • Label designations
  • Miscellaneous requirements
  • Comprehensive photos

Site Survey

Network Infrastructure Data Models

  • Maps
  • Diagrams
  • Relationship models


Fiber Characterization Results

  • Bi-direction OTDR measurements
  • Bi-direction loss readings
  • ORL readings
  • Polarization mode (PMD testing)
  • Chromatic dispersion (CD testing)
  • Escalation of any fiber connectivity or fiber results issues

Fiber Report

DWDM Fiber Assessment

  • Complete a detailed Site Audit of all locations
  • Visit and document each site on current DWDM network
  • Audit each DWDM node and gather all client, lambda, and line side fiber information
  • Visit and record each site on any DWDM proposed network
  • Located, document and trace all fibers at the FDP for both the existing DWDM locations and the new proposed DWDM locations
  • Identify connector type at each of the FDP
  • Review and make recommendations on all Aerial Fiber that will be used for the New DWDM project
  • Provide fiber length and connector type from FDP to New DWDM Network location
  • OTDR, ORL, CD, & PMD testing to be done on back-up production fibers that will be used for New DWDM Network
  • Develop Engineering Detail Package (EDP) for use by installation and test teams



  • Streamlining all network data into a single data collection workbook including:
    • Provide documentation from information gathered to assist in the development of architecture, design, and services implementation plan while making recommendations such as:
      • Risks within the existing infrastructure
      • Fiber irregularities
      • Recommended as-move-changes or services updates before implementation
      • GAP analysis
      • Provide As-Built updates to EDP as needed after site completion


Why Kore-Tek Optical Assessment Services:

  • Reduces your risk by providing CapEx and OpEx protections against unexpected costs by:
    • Helping to evaluate each site and its fiber integrity to maximize the effectiveness of future network infrastructure before the selection of technology
    • Ability to evaluate vendor performance, technology and solutions against your operating environment
    • Provide data analysis to your operations team, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and value-added reseller (VAR) for proof-of-concept, system-test, and interoperability validation
    • Reduce the potential for change orders of hardware and professional services implementations before the purchase of new infrastructure
    • Increased operational efficiency at each optical site through the accurate scoping of network assets including, but not limited to, rack space and power requirements, fiber integrity, fiber jumpers, necessary optics, and more