Healthcare / Hospitals


A hospital system was growing from three to five hospitals throughout their state. They were at full capacity on their bandwidth with their legacy Sonnet network and needed a new DWDM network to support their growth plans. They purchased a design from Cisco Systems, and Cisco referred KORE-TEK to conduct the site surveys, prepare an installation procedure and implement their design.


KORE-TEK faced a few challenges with this project. Downtime was a very serious concern, the customer did not have enough rack space for the install, and they could not afford to buy new fiber for the upgrade with their set budget, so existing fiber needed to be utilized in the design.


KORE-TEK engineers completed site surveys at all five locations, identified and prepped for the space constraints and noted the equipment required for the project. They removed the Sonnet fiber and installed the new DWDM network with the existing fiber. Traffic from the Sonnet was hot-cut overnight to prevent downtime issues.


By working directly with the customer, KORE-TEK engineers were able to keep the customer’s project on budget and on time. The hospital system went from 2.5 giga bandwidth at three locations to 10 giga bandwidth at five locations. With the new design implemented, all five hospital locations are connected on the same network, and they can easily add a new switch or router in the future. They have room to grow without incurring additional capex costs. The customer was pleased that the process went so smoothly and that their need for minimal downtime was taken seriously.