Kore-Tek Announces Launch of New Website and Optical Routing Industry Information Portal


Kore-Tek Announces Launch of New Website and Optical Routing Industry Information Portal

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, October 31, 2022 – Kore-Tek, an optical networking and routing engineering company, announced the launch of its newly redesigned company website and technical blog today.

“Kore has a long legacy of engineering success in the optical networking space over the last decade,” said Ryan Young, CEO of Kore-Tek. ” Kore has built strong capabilities around high-end routing and switching technologies to support our optical engineering expertise. Now that these technologies are colliding, Kore is in a prime position to become the engineering market leader in the network infrastructure sector. This website will redefine our marketing and sales messages to align with our growth and emerging market trends.”

Kore-Tek also launched its Industry Information Portal Blog as a conduit to provide deep insight into the optical networking industry. The blog features exclusive original technical content from its engineers, architects, and executive staff. The blog will feature unique third-party content from industry leaders and VAR partners to showcase their unique insights into the optical, routing, and WAN Network Infrastructure industry. “As an engineering company, our websites, and especially our new engineering blog, will showcase our best-in-class engineering capabilities for design, deployment, implementation, and managed services,” said Mr. Young.

“The convergence of Optical Networking and Routed Networking is still in its infancy as an embedded technology,” said Steve Fazio, Chief Strategy and Corporate Development Officer. “As an engineering services company to the largest manufacturers (OEMs) and the largest value-added resellers (VARs) in North America, we see the updated website and blog as a great way to showcase our engineering success in optical and routing technologies together.”

You can find the Kore-Tek Website and Information Portal at www.kore-tek.com

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