About Us

We make complex, next generation network transformations, simple.

Founded by optical network specialists, Kore-Tek is widely recognized for their unparalleled expertise in critical network infrastructure, providing everything from fiber network architectures to multi-technology optical networking, routing and switching implementations.

Trusted and credentialed by major equipment manufacturers and technology service providers — and backed by decades of experience — Kore-Tek engineers have planned, designed, and managed some of the most relied-upon public and private networks in use today, improving network operations and making complex, next generation digital transformations, simple.

Businesses depend on networks. Network professionals depend on Kore-Tek.

Our Mission

To make complex, next generation network transformations, simple.

Our Values

At Kore-Tek, our values are not just beliefs we write on the wall. They’re the values we live and breathe every single day and use to help guide us as a company, and as individuals, all working towards the same goal — to make complex, next-generation network transformations, simple.

Be Proactive

We engineer for the best business outcomes and anticipate the next opportunity for our customers. Our engineering is grounded with our customers’ future in mind.

Do the Right Thing

What we do is vital to our customers. So, we do it with integrity, purpose, and precision, offering honest feedback and new ways of thinking.

Keep It Simple

Optical networks and high-end routing engineering are complex and projects can be demanding, so we help our clients by uncomplicating the complicated.

Document Everything

Things change quickly and our clients need to act quickly, so we document everything we do clearly, keeping diligent records and ensuring accurate reporting every step of the way.

Executive Leadership Team

Management Team

Paolo Yuan

Paolo Yuan

Director of Network Architecture and Design

Vito Rita

Vito Rita

Director of Transport Field Engineering