Professional Services

WAN Optical Experts

With Kore-Tek, you know that a highly-skilled network engineer is always just one phone call away.  Whatever specific skills are needed, we’ll match you with a Kore-Tek engineer who brings the right capabilities right now.  You can reduce overhead, decrease downtime, simplify costs, and free up internal IT resources by outsourcing your WAN or optical engineering needs

Integration Services

Most optical network deployments go into existing data centers and work with existing environments.  Kore-Tek Integration Services help define appropriate systems and ensure that your new optical and current networks can operate as one seamless system

Test and Turn-Up (TTU)

While it’s a simple name, TTU is the critical piece to getting your optical network deployment done faster and with less downtime.  At Kore-Tek, TTU is well-staged coordination between your IT group and our on-site engineers.  It ensures that every part of your optical network deployment goes off smoothly

Network Infrastructure Engineering Review and Design

Networks are complicated, so we’ll examine, validate and provide you with a custom Network design that offers the best solution based on your current needs.  We’ll provide interoperability and roadmaps for your PoP or Data Center.  Hence, you know what you can support today and what your projected needs are for the future

Network Needs Analysis

It’s easy to know your network needs an upgrade, but it’s much harder to understand who it’s for and what kind of data it needs to support.  With a Network Needs Analysis from Kore-Tek, our engineers can look at your current network and create a plan for the future.  So you’ll know what you need to do, whether trying to improve poor performance, enable new applications, replace aging equipment, or standardize your equipment across locations

Fiber Characterization

Before you deploy an optical network, you need to know what kind of fiber and signal quality is coming to your data center.  Our engineers can test and analyze your current optical fiber connection.  We will then use that data to ensure your optical network has what it needs to work at the speed of light

Remote Engineering Support

Everything you do is riding on your network.  With remote engineering support and managed services from Kore-Tek, we can remove risk and stress from your day-to-day operations.  Rest assured that our engineers and technical professionals are at your service 24×7 every day of the year when you need us

Warehouse, Logistics and Deployment

Managing large-scale project deliveries, inventory, and logistics requires a can-do attitude.  We’ve pioneered the industries’ most efficient process from cold or hot staging, inventory, distribution, and field deployment.  These processes enable you to outsource your day-to-day network operations and free up resources without compromising service delivery or operating budgets.  How? Our data center performs precision staging and configuration of every device that’s going into your data center.  And once we can guarantee it works, we kit every part together and stage it for rapid delivery and seamless on-site installation

Project Management

The Kore-Tek PMO can deal with every detail of your project.  We share information, take care of details and report on the results at every step.  So you get essential information throughout the tasks before you ask for them

Managed Services

Waking up at 2 AM to deal with a network problem is exhausting!  So the Kore-Tek team can act as part of your IT team to deliver critical network support and operation functions 24x7x365.  We will work with you to customize a service that best fits your needs.  You can rest assured that we’ll take the weight of the network off your shoulders and put it on ours.  Make sure your network is always on, always one step ahead

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Service Highlight

WAN + Fiber Network Assessment

Kore-Tek offers network discovery, audits, or assessments. We customize this service to your network, which can include: site surveys, fiber testing, network documentation, mapping, asset labeling, optimization recommendations, and documentation. We designed this service to help reduce operations risk while helping your business move data faster and more securely. Whether you are in the process of migrating to a routed optical network or upgrading the one you have, our proven experience, innovative tools, and management expertise can help you reduce your overhead, decrease downtime, simplify costs and free up internal IT resources. To learn more you can watch the video or click the assessment link.

Our engineers have designed, deployed, implemented, migrated, and supported some of the largest networks on earth