We take the weight of the network off your shoulders, and put it on ours.

Reduce your overhead, decrease downtime, simplify costs, and free up your internal IT resources

At Kore-Tek, we offer full-service, turn-key solutions from audit and analysis all the way through deployment and integration to monitoring and management. We can combine all the services you need into one comprehensive solution designed to address your network’s end-to-end lifecycle needs.

Professional Services


Network Audit and Analysis

We provide comprehensive assessments of your network infrastructure, identifying areas for improvement and offering recommendations for building a future-proof network that can reduce operations risk while helping your business move data faster and more securely.

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Network Infrastructure Engineering

With more than a decade of experience providing optical and routed network engineering services for mission-critical networks, our engineers can help you navigate the challenges of updating your network to accommodate your company’s growth, prepare for technological advancements and future-proof your operations.

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Warehouse Staging

Leveraging our warehouse engineering operations, we perform precision staging and configuration of every device that will be deployed in your network. This meticulous process ensures that every component works seamlessly and is ready for production. We then kit all the parts in our custom staging containers, ready for transport to your sites.

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Delivery and Deployment

We meticulously plan the transportation route to align with your network, ensuring efficient and timely delivery. Our fleet of custom transportation vehicles enables rapid delivery of the staged equipment to your sites and our experienced technicians provide seamless on-site installation, following the same route as your network, eliminating delays and streamlining the deployment process.

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Network Integration

One top priority is minimizing disruption and operational risks during the integration process. Through meticulous planning and advanced methodologies, we ensure your network operations remain unaffected, enabling your business to function smoothly, without interruptions, throughout the implementation process.

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Testing and Turn Up

Our well-staged coordination between your IT group and our on-site engineers ensures a smooth optical network deployment. We minimize downtime, eliminate security risks, and validate network performance to keep your existing infrastructure operating seamlessly.

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Managed Services

Network Operations Center

Providing 24/7 real-time monitoring, expert support, and uninterrupted management of your network and IT infrastructure, the Kore-Tek NOC helps streamline your whole network support process, making it more effective, easier to manage and less expensive. And with our experienced engineers and unique knowledge of typical field conditions, we can resolve and avoid issues on the fly that could take less experienced team hours, or even days, to solve.

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Remote Engineering Support

Our remote engineering support provides your business with around-the-clock access to our experienced engineers and technical professionals. Whether it’s answering operational questions or offering recommendations and support, we’re here to help you reduce overhead, decrease downtime, simplify costs and free up your internal IT resources.

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Front-Line Maintenance

Our front-line maintenance teams are ready to respond at a moment’s notice and have extensive practical experience addressing — and quickly resolving — network and equipment issues and incidents as they arise. So you can expect more proactive issue identification, faster problem resolutions, fewer headaches and the increased productivity that comes from a reliable, rock-solid network.

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