Professional Services

At Kore-Tek, we are your trusted partner for comprehensive network solutions. With over a decade of experience, we offer a wide range of services tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring your network infrastructure’s seamless deployment, integration, and maintenance.

Kore-Tek services include:

Network Operations Center (NOC)

Our NOC is staffed by experienced engineers who monitor your network 24×7. We proactively address alarms, evaluate root cause analysis, and work with equipment manufacturers’ technical assistance centers (TAC) to remediate issues promptly. Kore-Tek NOC services can be combined with remote engineering or on-site dispatch through our Front-Line Maintenance Program (FLM)

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Network Integration Services

One top priority is minimizing disruption and operational risks during the integration process. Through meticulous planning and advanced methodologies, we ensure the integration is carried out with zero downtime and minimal operational risks. This allows your network operations to remain unaffected, enabling your business to function smoothly without interruptions.

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Test and TurnUp Services

Our well-staged coordination between your IT group and our on-site engineers ensures a smooth optical network deployment. We minimize downtime, eliminate security risks, and validate network performance to keep your existing infrastructure operating seamlessly.

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Network Assessments Service

We provide comprehensive assessments of your network infrastructure, identifying areas for improvement and offering recommendations for building a future-proof network. By leveraging our assessment service, you can make informed decisions to enhance efficiency, capacity, and security while adopting the latest network technologies.

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Network Infrastructure Engineering Review and Design

Networks are complex, and our expert team performs in-depth assessments to provide custom network designs. We offer interoperability and roadmap planning for your PoP or Data Center, enabling you to support current needs while preparing for future growth.

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Remote Engineering Services

Our remote engineering support provides 24×7 access to our experienced engineers and technical professionals. From answering operational questions to offering recommendations and support, we’re here to assist you, allowing your internal resources to focus on other projects while ensuring network reliability.

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Network Needs Analysis

Understanding your network requirements is crucial. Our Network Needs Analysis service evaluates your current network and provides an improvement plan, whether it’s enhancing performance, enabling new applications, replacing aging equipment, or standardizing equipment across locations.

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Warehouse, Logistics, and Deployment Services

Our streamlined approach to managing large-scale network infrastructure projects reduces field engineering deployment time by up to 40%. We offer precision staging, configuration, and rapid deployment through our custom staging containers and transportation fleet.

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Fiber Characterization & OTDR Testing Services

Before deploying an optical network, it’s essential to know the fiber type and signal quality. Our engineers perform comprehensive testing and analysis, ensuring your network meets existing and future bandwidth requirements.

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Service Highlight

WAN + Fiber Network Assessment

Kore-Tek offers network discovery, audits, or assessments. We customize this service to your network, which can include: site surveys, fiber testing, network documentation, mapping, asset labeling, optimization recommendations, and documentation. We designed this service to help reduce operations risk while helping your business move data faster and more securely. Whether you are in the process of migrating to a routed optical network or upgrading the one you have, our proven experience, innovative tools, and management expertise can help you reduce your overhead, decrease downtime, simplify costs and free up internal IT resources. To learn more you can watch the video or click the assessment link.

With Kore-Tek as your technology partner, you can confidently navigate the complexities of network infrastructure. Our expertise, proven experience, and commitment to exceptional service ensure optimal network performance, reduced risks, and uninterrupted operations.
Contact us today to explore how Kore-Tek can empower your network and drive your business forward.