Testing and assessing a cable company’s network security


A major US broadband operator found its Internet infrastructure under constant attack from its user-base. Its new, extremely expensive core IP router platform was unable to defend itself and needed to be replaced immediately.


KORE-TEK engineers collaborated with cable company staff to provide an exhaustive competitive test plan based on very specific multicast, video, security, QoS and management requirements for a nation-wide IP/MPLS core. KORE-TEK engineers acted as staff augmentation in vendor test scenarios and helped establish a clear technology winner. KORE-TEK engineering deployed for initial roll out support of new core routing platform and handed the remaining project over to client’s architecture and operations staff.


The customer gained a clear-eyed, marketing-free assessment of competing IP and MPLS core routing products. The customer’s architecture group and KORE-TEK engineers tested both products to the point of failure. The customer team was deeply involved in every step of the process but were able to delegate specific testing detail to KORE-TEK or to vendors. At deployment, KORE-TEK engineering transferred production knowledge to operations staff acted as escalation in initial deployments.


An intelligent architecture was planned. The correct product was deployed. The network is now more adaptable, intelligent and secure.