An optimized network today and a more efficient system migration tomorrow

Case Study

Midwestern State Department of Transportation (DOT)


A Department of Transportation (DOT) public utility service provider had been tasked with providing video, 911 and EMT, internet access and network bandwidth wholesale services to other state users. Because their role as a DOT service provider had changed and expanded over time, their aging network consisted of several sub level networks—including internet, wholesale, fiber, DWDM, MPLS, Mobile Radio and more. They needed a way to optimize their current fiber network today while planning and budgeting for future upgrades and an efficient migration to a new IP based system tomorrow.


The department’s legacy fiber network had huge disadvantages compared to more modern technologies. An upgrade was necessary, but the approach was challenged to utilize as much of the current equipment as possible.


An optical network audit, analysis and recommendation as well as fiber optic characterization services we conducted leading to:

  • DCN network optimization to simplify network management
  • Timing network optimization to improve stability
  • Upgrade software for increased reliability
  • Clean up circuits to add network capacity without adding hardware


Kore-Tek designed and built a modernized, resilient network with increased capacity to deliver critical services faster and more reliably. This provided the DOT with much-needed planning and budgeting time for a full system upgrade.

Tags: Networking