Launching an updated and improved website for a better customer experience

With my Kore-Tek team, I’ve been calling 2023 as “The Year of Marketing”. What’s behind that is a great desire to be more customer and partner focused and build on our culture of:

Being proactive – anticipating our customers’ needs

Doing the right thing – ensuring we deliver the best solutions in the best manner, no matter how challenging things may be

Keep it simple – be a company who is easy to work with

Document everything – so our customers can be assured

So, on “Get to Know Your Customer Day”, I’m delighted to share that customers are all we have been thinking about. Let me take you back for a moment to early in 2023.

Earlier this year, our senior leadership team revisited our strategy. The foundation for this was a voice of customer exercise. By letting go of assumptions and being completely open to feedback and transparency, we learned so much. Taking a closer look at our customers’ challenges, priorities, and their understanding of who we are and what we’re capable of – prompted change.

We realized we needed to slow down, simplify, and enhance. So, we did. We stripped apart how we communicate, what we say, how we present ourselves, and laid the foundation for the new programs and tools we offer our customers and partners. One of the major first efforts – a site-wide overhaul.

We realized our services were not as clearly laid out as they could be. We challenged ourselves to lay out information more clearly and improve a website visitor’s ease of finding information. Also, as a services-based organization, we wanted to show more of the people behind our brand. Our team is our secret sauce. They have tremendous know-how and skill. And to that end, we organized our “Insights” on the website in one location. So now all the articles, videos, blogs, what papers, and case studies are in one place.

Please check out the new and tell us what you think. We want to continue hearing from you so we can keep evolving and improving based on your needs.

This is one step with more experience-enhancements on the way. Keep relying on us!


Businesses depend on networks. Network professionals depend on Kore-Tek.