Making Rural Broadband Happen Across the Heartland

Kore-Tek and Ribbon partner to upgrade rural networks to 100G and 400G

2024 signals the investment in rural broadband is in motion. Together with Ribbon, Kore-Tek is supporting numerous rural broadband upgrades of legacy BTI equipment for tier 2 and tier 3 operators across the USA.

It was the last major broadband investment from 2009 through 2012 that prompted network upgrades, driving fiber deeper into communities across rural America and upgrading network processing speeds to broadband. Now, we’re at another inflection point where the influx of funding by government at the federal, state, and county levels is intersecting with the maturity of network core active equipment and customer demand for high-speed networks.

Service providers from across the heartland: Nevada, South Dakota, Iowa, Kansas, and the Carolinas are now upgrading to Ribbon’s Apollo transport, Neptune IP packet and Muse NMS solutions. Many are building 10G fiber rings and upgrading to 100G or 400G with 10G handoffs, once again driving higher speeds and increasing capacity for new apps and user demand.

“The investment in our rural communities comes at a perfect time,” said Ryan Young, CEO of Kore-Tek. “A typical lifecycle of active technology is 10-12 years. And that’s impressive when you think about the lifespan of other technologies that we depend on.”

Kore-Tech engineers are installing and conducting circuit testing to ensure network services are upgraded seamlessly. Renowned for their meticulous attention to detail and documentation, Kore-Tek goes above and beyond  scaling from as few as dozens to hundreds of sites depending on the size of the network upgrade. They’re often accessing sites that have been sitting idle and are meticulously focused on cable management and documentation clean-up to ease ongoing operations. Their services team re-terminates power, ensures proper grounding and standoffs where needed, ensures all ports and circuits are properly labeled, and validates jumper type and traces the fiber jumpers.

“When we first work for a client, it’s not uncommon for them to accompany us at the first site. But by the second site and beyond, they pass us the keys and don’t look over our shoulder. They trust we’ll get it done and do it right.” said Jeremy Humphry, CTO of Kore-Tek.

The team of experts at Kore-Tek has been planning, upgrading, deploying, and managing rural broadband networks for more than 20 years. They’re delighted to be the experts to call on when optical expertise is needed the most.

Founded by optical network specialists, Kore-Tek is widely recognized for their unparalleled expertise in critical network infrastructure, providing everything from fiber network architectures to multi-technology optical networking, routing and switching implementations. Trusted and credentialed by major equipment manufacturers and technology service providers — and backed by decades of experience — Kore-Tek engineers have planned, designed, and managed some of the most relied-upon public and private networks in use today, improving network operations and making complex, next generation digital transformations, simple.

Businesses depend on networks. Network professionals depend on Kore-Tek.


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