Upgrading a county’s network to maximize uptime


A Large State County was struggling with capacity limitations on layer 1, and they wanted to upgrade layers 2-3 of their network at the same time.


The challenge for this project was to design the new Cisco CPT 600 equipment to match their current Cisco system design, so that the old and new hardware of layers l through 3 would become compatible and support each other.


KORE-TEK engineers completed site surveys at l5 locations to develop a thorough understanding of the county’s current network design. Our engineers analyzed the data and partnered directly with Cisco to create a migration plan that allowed the county to move forward with their plans to improve their current network infrastructure and limit customer outages. KORE-TEK upgraded the core layer to Cisco DWDM and cut over all traffic with minimal downtime.


By working closely with the county and Cisco Systems, KORE-TEK was able to advance the performance of layers l through 3 for the county and made the transition as smooth as possible, avoiding customer outages and complaints. The project was completed on time and on budget, and the project management and results reassured the county of their decision to upgrade and purchase new Cisco hardware.