The Kore-Tek Best-in-Class engineering team has helped our customers in thousands of Dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) deployments.  Kore understands the complexities of utilizing DWDM as an optical fiber multiplexing technology to increase the bandwidth of existing fiber networks.  Kore helps customers combine data signals from different sources over a single pair of optical fibers while maintaining complete separation of the data streams

IP over DWDM

Kore-Tek specializes in IP over DWDM (IPoDWDM) migrations and conversions. IP over DWDM (IPoDWDM) is a technology used in telecommunications networks to integrate IP routers and network switches in the OTN (Optical Transport Network).  Kore understands the challenges and solutions in migrating and deploying a proper IPoDWDM solution

IP/Optical Convergence

IP/Optical convergence refers to streamlining and simplifying networking layers, particularly optical (Layer 0) and IP (Layer 3).  Kore-Tek helps from architecture design through deployment and Day Two Support Services to ensure migration success.  Since this technology incorporates optical devices through routers with pluggable DWDM optics or other networking solutions, you need an engineering partner leading the industry in these technology migrations

Routing and Switching

Kore-Tek integrates technical expertise with experience in the leading technologies available to design, develop and deploy the world’s most dynamic networks.  Kore’s legacy of industry-leading battle-hardened deployment engineering experience in traditional L2/L3 networks, including WAN/LAN/VPNs and MPLS/Segment Routing/EVPN for use in inter and intra Data Center environments


Kore-Tek is a leader in Software Defined Networking WAN deployments, including DCI/WAN/LAN and discrete white box networking devices.  Our engineering projects include several Network Automation software products from leading vendors and software products, including API and centralized management tools programming


Kore-Tek empowers our customers to develop DevOps solutions. DevOps is a set of practices, tools, and a cultural philosophy that automates and integrates processes between software development and IT teams.  Kore-Tek enables our customers to innovate, cross-communicate, collaborate, and develop technology automation


Kore-Tek assists our customers struggling to manage their aging SONET/SDH infrastructure. Most of this infrastructure has exceeded its intended lifespan.  Kore-Tek understands that this has become an operational strain on our customers.  So Kore-Tek designs critical migration architecture and pathways that retains the customer’s current endpoints as long as possible.  Kore-Tek then eliminates the intermediate digital cross-connects between those two endpoints over time.  Combining these endpoints with MPLS pseudowire transport enables the TDM traffic to be encapsulated at the CEM packet switch, becoming part of the packet network

Fiber Testing & Characterization

Kore-Tek understands that testing the fiber is critical to comprehending the current and future requirements of the fiber network.  Kore-Tek has decades of experience in Fiber Characterization and performing a series of tests on fiber optic spans.  Our experience helps us to determine and make recommendations on the integrity of the fiber, assess installation practices, and make recommendations on the future performance of a new transport network


Case study

Cisco CPT (Carrier Packet Transport) Network Assessment and Consultant Services

Service providers, enterprises, and operators have been suffering a lot to maintain, operate, expand, integrate, and migrate their out-of-dated infrastructure with legacy products such as Cisco CPT (Carrier Packet Transport) devices. Adding to the complexity is that most of the products have exceeded its intended lifespan. They’re receiving manufacturing notices such as the end of manufacturing, end of service, and end of life. This aging infrastructure, combined with the need to act, is creating both business and technical challenges for their engineering operations teams to keep such infrastructure operating effectively.

Case study


As all businesses become digital, regional enterprise users increase their reliance on business-class voice, network, and cloud services. ACME Power is a public utility service provider, providing electricity service, internet access service, network bandwidth wholesale service to regional enterprise users. Its aging SONET network, initially built in 2008, was showing its age and struggling to keep up. ACME Power wanted to upgrade their infrastructure and migrate to a faster, more reliable and future compatible network.


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