NG911 Optical Network Infrastructure Engineering

Kore-Tek partnered as the engineering implementation partner with Cisco Systems and one of their largest VAR Partners to deliver NG911 solutions in a prominent US County.

Kore-Tek understands that upgrading your optical network for NG911 is crucial to ensure the seamless and efficient operation of the next-generation emergency communication system. NG911 relies on high-speed, reliable data transmission to handle the increased volume of multimedia data, including voice, video, and real-time information exchange between emergency services.

An upgraded optical network provides the necessary bandwidth and low latency required to support these data-intensive applications. It enables faster and more accurate transmission of emergency information, improves location accuracy through enhanced GPS capabilities, and ensures that emergency responders can access critical data and communicate effectively in high-pressure situations. Upgrading your optical network for NG911 enhances emergency response capabilities and helps future-proof your infrastructure to accommodate further technological advancements in the emergency communication domain.  

About Us

Founded by optical network specialists, Kore-Tek is widely recognized for their unparalleled expertise in critical network infrastructure, providing everything from fiber network architectures to multi-technology optical networking, routing and switching implementations.

Trusted and credentialed by major equipment manufacturers and technology service providers — and backed by decades of experience — Kore-Tek engineers have planned, designed, and managed some of the most relied-upon public and private networks in use today, improving network operations and making complex, next generation digital transformations, simple. 

Businesses depend on networks. Network professionals depend on Kore-Tek.

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