Next-Generation 911 (NG911) Networks: Revolutionizing Emergency Response with Kore-Tek’s Network Assurance

Ryan Young, CEO at Kore-Tek, a Trusted and credentialed by major equipment manufacturers and technology service providers — and backed by decades of experience —  explains how Kore-Tek helps counties and cities to modernize and improve the county/city’s 911 network


In the United States, the NG911 (Next-Generation 911) network is a critical technology that plays a vital rol in saving lives. It enables the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) to receive emergency requests and promptly dispatch emergency responders to the caller’s location. Over the years, the 911 system has evolved from the traditional Enhanced 911 (E911) system to the advanced NG911 system, leveraging IP technology, increased bandwidth, and innovative features like text, photo, and video capabilities. Kore-Tek, a trusted and experienced professional service company, specializes in NG911 network assurance to help counties and cities modernize and enhance their emergency response infrastructure.

The Importance of E911 Networks and their Traditional Build:

E911 networks are crucial for emergency response, providing immediate assistance to distressed individuals. Traditionally, these networks have been built and utilized since the 1960s, with significant upgrades during the 2000s and 2010s to adapt to the wireless and cell phone era. As technology advances, the transition from E911 to NG911 has become necessary to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of emergency response systems.

Addressing Critical Network Challenges:

However, challenges within NG911 networks can lead to critical failures and impact emergency response. For example, callers may experience busy call congestion, delays, or network interruptions, preventing timely assistance during life-threatening situations. Kore-Tek recognizes the need to address these challenges and offers specialized network assurance services to mitigate risks and enhance the reliability of NG911 networks.

Kore-Tek’s Approach to Network Assurance:

When engaging with a county or city, Kore-Tek employs a comprehensive approach to network assurance. Their team of technical professionals brings decades of experience and expertise. The process begins with auditing and assessing the current network, examining high-level architecture and low-level configurations. Additionally, Kore-Tek conducts physical site surveys and tests Outside Plant Fibers to understand the network’s infrastructure fully.

Based on their findings, Kore-Tek provides valuable technical recommendations for performance improvements and adopting new technology innovations. Collaborating with vendors, they assist in generating network designs, overseeing deployment and rollout, managing service cutover and migration, conducting thorough system testing, and providing ongoing 24/7 remote and onsite support. This end-to-end professional service ensures the stability and reliability of the NG911 network.

Advocating for NG911 Network Assurance:

In conclusion, technology is vital in our lives, particularly in emergencies. However, the expertise and dedication of professionals like Kore-Tek make the seamless operation of NG911 networks a reality. By providing network assurance services, Kore-Tek enables counties and cities to confidently embrace the power of NG911, ensuring that critical emergency response systems function optimally when needed.

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