Warehouse, Logistics, and Deployment


Welcome to Kore-Tek!

When it comes to managing large-scale optical and network infrastructure projects spread over several hundred miles, experience, knowledge, and a unique approach to warehouse, logistics, and deployment are essential. That’s where our Warehouse, Logistics, and Deployment Services come in.

At Kore-Tek, we have revolutionized the method and process of deploying these networks, resulting in significant customer benefits.

Here are some key aspects of our Warehouse, Logistics, and Deployment Services:

    1. Efficient Project Management: We specialize in large-scale projects involving extensive optical and network infrastructure deployments. Our experienced team understands the intricacies of handling projects spread over vast distances, ensuring smooth coordination and execution from start to finish.
    2. Streamlined Processes: Kore-Tek has developed innovative processes that optimize the deployment of large networks. Our unique approach reduces up to 40% in field engineering deployment time compared to traditional industry processes. We streamline logistics, staging, and configuration and expedite field deployments without compromising quality or service delivery.
    3. Outsourcing Confidence: Our services enable you to confidently outsource medium and large-scale field engineering deployment projects to Kore-Tek. By entrusting us with these responsibilities, you free up your internal resources to focus on other tasks without compromising service delivery or operating budgets.
    4. Precision Staging and Configuration: Leveraging our warehouse engineering operations, we perform precision staging and configuration of every device that will be deployed in your network. This meticulous process ensures that every component works seamlessly and is ready for production. We then kit all the parts in our custom staging containers, ready for transport to your sites.
    5. Rapid Delivery and On-Site Installation: Our fleet of custom transportation vehicles enables rapid delivery of the staged equipment to your sites. We meticulously plan the transportation route to align with your network, ensuring efficient and timely delivery. Our experienced technicians then provide seamless on-site installation, following the same route as your network, eliminating delays and streamlining the deployment process.
    6. Time and Risk Reduction: By leveraging our Warehouse, Logistics, and Deployment Services, you can reduce the time required to reach deployment sites. Our pre-testing process helps identify and eliminate risks associated with faulty or dead-on-arrival devices, reducing the need for time-consuming RMAs (Return Merchandise Authorizations). This results in expedited field deployments by up to 40%, allowing you to achieve operational goals faster.

When you choose Kore-Tek for your Warehouse, Logistics, and Deployment Services, you benefit from the expertise of our trusted optical and network field engineering team. We have a proven track record of successfully deploying large-scale projects and prioritizing efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Don’t let the complexities of large-scale deployments hinder your network expansion.

Contact us today to learn more about how our Warehouse, Logistics, and Deployment Services can optimize your project and expedite field deployments while minimizing risks.